What we do

The key objectives of SMMI, rightly known as CMMI (Catechist Missionaries of Mary Immaculate) to serve humanity are consolidated under four key ministries. They include Faith Formation, Education, Health and Social Ministries.
faith formation

Spiritual Ministry

From the early days of the society, sisters were called to be auxiliaries to Priests, assisting in pastoral activities of the parishes wherever we work. Our communities are part of the local church. To enhance the effectiveness of our presence we organise planned family visits to promote family prayer/Rosary and thus improve the quality of family life. Sisters are involved in parish activities such as catechism, preparation for First Holy Communion, confirmation, marriage, etc. We actively participate in Parish activities, pious organizations and Women’s movements and also accompany priests to the substations for Eucharist Celebration and other activities.

educational ministry what we do

Educational Ministry

The vision and mission of our schools is highlighted in the motto: “Grow to Lead”. It looks up towards excellence and enhancement of the quality of education through every curricular experience on one hand and continuous efforts towards inculcating the nobler qualities of human and spiritual growth in the learner, on the other. It aims specifically towards developing an integral and holistic person, especially women, for our society through our quality education. Considering the fact that in education we share the responsibility of the nation, we make special efforts to coordinate our educational activities with the aims and goals of the nation so that our students may grow up as responsible citizens fully involved in the task of nation-building.

health ministry

Health Ministry

The contribution of SMMI in the field of health extends beyond psychological and spiritual care to practical health interventions. Sisters have been pioneers in extending free service to the sick at their door post through Mobile Clinics and Primary Health care centres in rural areas of Karnataka State. In all our health centres, we have a deeply human attitude and without discrimination, aim to provide care and support for people who are sick, disabled and elderly. Respecting their human rights, defending their dignity and valuing their presence in the society. Apart from Physical care, the service extends to Counselling individuals, families and also supports the deserving in various forms (Finance, Contacts, Education, reconciliation, etc). Apart from allopathic treatment, Naturopathy, Home remedies, medical tips and Yoga have been our focus in the field of Health.

social ministry what we do

Social Ministry

The Founder, founding members and the sisters of yesteryears are indeed the ‘living gospels of Christ’, who have championed the cause of those on the fringes of the society. Inspired by the spirit of the Founder, SMMI responds to the clarion call by the Church to build a just and humane society. Our priority is to work with those who are vulnerable and neglected, those marginalized in our world today, with particular regard for women, girl children, youth, indigenous peoples, migrants and victims of human trafficking. To know more, visit www.jeevanpragathitrust.org